Although The Cheesesteak Sandwich originated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Philly Connection® concept was developed and introduced to Atlanta in 1984 with the first restaurant opening – that first restaurant continues to operate today! The company then opened additional locations and, in 1988, franchise operations commenced.

Philly Connection® developed a recipe for the steak meat used to make Philly Connection’s® Proprietary Cheesesteak sandwich. The recipe included a certain cut of whole-muscle beef , a secret marinade and a special processing technique that produces a high-quality, great-tasting, juicy, tender sliced steak product that is still used today by the Philly Connection® network of Franchise restaurants.

What makes Philly Connection® steak different or better than other steak meat on the market today? It’s the combination of high-quality steak, the secret marinade and the manufacturing process.

What’s in the secret marinade? That’s a company secret! The marinade enhances the flavor and juiciness of the high-quality steak.